Things to do i Ny-Hellesund

A stay at Verftet offers many different experiences for everyone.
You can swim from the the pier or the beach at Verftet
There are nice hiking paths on the islands in Ny-Hellesund.
Take a day off
There is several places to relax or play
Fishing for sandcrabs
There are lot of crabs and small fish by the pier. You keep them in an aquarium before you release them.
Just a few minutes walk from Verftet, there are a nice beach.
Kayaking is a wonderful way to see the skerries, and good for your health.
Coastal path
There is a coastal path from Verftet to the big beach on the other side of the island.
There are lot to see under the surface
Rent a boat
We have different types of boats for rent. The boat on the picture is a Summer Fun.
Go fishing
You can cath both fish and crabs just outside Verftet. We have boat for rent to use for fishing.
The coastal fortress
Renovatet fortress from world war II
The sunset comes between 10.00 - 11.00 PM
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There are numerous of opportunities for swimming on the yard and in the surrounding area. At Verftet there is a small sandy beach, where it is possible to swim and relax and for the kids to play.


The Olav Strait is a great outdoor area with two beaches, barbecue sites and grass slopes. The recreational area is located on the other side of the island and it is possible to walk from the yard to the Olav Strait on a nice path.



On the rocks outside Verftet, there are good fishing opportunities. If you want to try fishing from a boat, there are many good fishing areas between the islands or at sea. 




We have several boats for rent for use in Ny-Hellesund. Please contact us for information about reservations. 

You can hop on the ferry that runs between Ny Hellesund, Børøya and Høllen. While waiting for the boat to return, you can either enjoy the Høllesanden (a large beach), take a walk through the old Hølle Street or relax with an ice cream on the guest pier.

At land

On the largest island in Ny-Hellesund, Monsøya, there are numerous of hiking opportunities. You can walk around the island from The Vilhelm Krag Pier, where you will discover old picturesque buildings, fields, valleys and forests.

The two large cairns on the top of Helgøya are the highest point and provides a spectacular view over the archipelago. Under these cairns you will ind a coastal fort, established by Germans during  World War II. There are several open tunnels, and a walk through the fort is an exciting trip for the kids and an interesting experience for the adults. Remember to bring flashlights!



Midsummer and Olsok

The celebration of Midsummer 23. June and Olsok 29. July is a wonderful experience. In these evenings, the straits are packed with boats, and there is a huge bonfires in the middle of the strait.



Nearby activities

Kristiansand Zoo and Amusemend Park

Lindesnes Lighthouse

Troll Active (rafting on river, other activities)

The Mineral Park and climbing forest

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You can swim from the the pier or the beach at Verftet