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That very special setting for a good meeting

The Verftet provides you with a very special setting for a board or work meeting. Good meetings need breaks that replenish your energy and the surroundings in Ny-Hellesund offer many possibilities for social activities. In the evening you can enjoy a good meal at the edge of the pier and finish the night off around the fire pan outside.

At the Verftet there are several options to choose from. The largest meeting room, Spanteplanet, has room for 30 people in it, while our two apartments at the far end of the pier can accommodate groups of about 10-12 around the table.


The hut at Bentsens brygge

In the summer of 2021, the new Sjøbua will be ready for guests. It is located on the pier via the slipway building and there is plenty of berth outside of it.


The hut has more of a rough and unadorned style and therefore it is more suited as a gathering place for teambuilding, presentations, grilling, having fish soup and social activities.


There is room for 30 people around the table and there are grills and places for an outdoor fire pit outside.

Good breaks make for better meetings

A good meeting gets better with good breaks and pleasant social gatherings. The surroundings around the Verftet are certainly good enough in themselves for this. Here you can clear your head with a hike on the coastal trail to the Olavsundet Strait or on a rowing trip down it.


Often you can have the Verftet to yourself and you can fire up the outdoor fire pan and make a wonderful and different kind of program for the people participating in your meeting.


If you would like an organized program, we can assist in arranging different activities during your stay. Among others, we can offer:


  • Different guided tours and lectures about Ny-Hellesund, coastal culture, architecture and history about:

    • Vilhem Krag, the poet of Sørlandet and Ny-Hellesund

    • Nordahl Grieg: His stay in Ny-Hellesund in the 1930s. He wrote the famous poem “For the Youth” here in 1936

    • The Napoleonic War in Ny-Hellesund 1807-14. For a period, Norway’s most important crossing point to Denmark. The Olavsundet Strait, the chapel, etc.

    • Dramatic shipwrecks on the coast

  • Guided hiking about the nature and culture on the islands, including the schoolhouse, the Loshytta and the coastal fort

  • Guided boat tour in the skerries, a trip to Songvår Lighthouse, sea rafting, among others

  • Climbing on the bouldering wall and on larger walls with support

  • We also have rowboats and kayaks for rent, and the area around Ny-Hellesund is one of the most beautiful spots for kayaking on the coast.  


If you would like to do other activities, we will be happy to help you.

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