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Things to do

A stay at the Verftet offers many adventures for the whole family. It’s not difficult at all to fill your days, and when the children are having a good time, so are the adults.

Coastal fort 

The German coastal fort from World War II was renovated in recent years and it is possible to go in several of the bunkers and passageways underground. Take a flashlight with you.


Fishing trips and crabbing

There are good fishing opportunities from the jetties and the rocky coastline, but you have to bring your own pole. If you want to fish from a boat, then we have the tackle for that for rent. If you prefer to put out crab pots, we also have equipment for that. We also have cooking pots when your catch is to be prepared. If you need a boat during your stay, then you can rent one from us.

Kayaking and rowboats

Going kayaking gives you a completely different perspective of the landscape than you get from a boat. Here you can glide through small coves and shallows that a boat can’t. In addition, it’s good exercise. We rent out single, tandem and children’s kayaks. If you prefer rowing, we have a rowboat that you can use.

Life in the sea

The sea is teeming with life right under the jetties at the Verftet and if you take a trip out to the rocky coastline it gets even more exciting. If you wonder what you have found, then we can recommend an app for finding out from Fiskeridirektoratet (the Norwegian Fisheries Directorate) that is called Fritidsfiske, or the app Strandkanten from the University of Stavanger (UiS).  

Climbing wall

Right behind the Verftet is a nice climbing and bouldering wall. Here you can do these activities yourself at your own risk. The wall is well suited for both children and adults.


There is nothing like studying life in the sea from the perspective of a fish. The area around the Verftet is a great place for practicing, while it is fantastic to snorkel along smooth coastal rock slopes just outside the Verftet.


There are many opportunities for bathing both at the Verftet and the immediate surroundings. At the Verftet there is a separate, small sandy beach. There it is possible both to bathe and catch small crabs with young kids. In the Olavsundet Strait there is a great outdoor recreation area with two beaches, barbecue areas and grassy slopes. The recreation area is on the other side of the island and there is a path that goes from the Verftet to Olavsundet Strait.

Great recreation areas 

If you go along the coastal trail from the Veftet you will get to the Olavsundet Strait. This is a great recreation area with several sandy beaches, lawns and jetties. Pack a picnic basket and enjoy a few hours if it is windy at the Verftet. You can also rent a boat at the Verftet and take an excursion to one of the islets.

Enjoy the day and evening

You don’t have to do all that much. It is certainly enough just to enjoy the sunset at the common area on the hill behind the Verkstedet building.

Activities nearby

The mainland is only a short boat trip away and there are many activities nearby. We know that many of our guests visit the Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park. However, many also take a trip to Evje to do river rafting, drive go-carts or visit the mineral park or go climbing at the Klatreskogen. Others take a trip out to the Lindesnes Lighthouse, which is Norway’s southernmost point, or they spend a day in the small town of Mandal or the big one of Kristiansand.

Boat rental

It is possible to rent different types of boats during your stay. A 15-foot Pioneer boat with 15 hp and a Hasle Summerfun with 9.9 hp are some of the boats you can rent for shorter or longer periods. Contact us about prices.

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