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Good experiences

The Verftet is located in the protected outport of Ny-Hellesund in the middle of the lovely skerries in the Southern Norway region just outside of Kristiansand. Here you will find smooth rock slopes along the seafront, spectacular hiking trails, nice beaches and sheltered coves – tucked inside the sea!


A stay at the Verftet offers holiday guests of all ages, meeting attendees, students, teambuilding participants and bon vivants good experiences and lifelong memories.

Summer holidays for the whole family, a weekend fishing trip in the autumn or enjoying the storms and tranquility of winter.

Familie på strand

Educational programs about the protection of Ny-Hellesund for pupils, students and historical societies.

Gammel bebyggelse Ny-Hellesund

Weddings, summer end-of-term parties, Christmas parties, surprise getaways and the yearly get-together for your group of friends.

Selskap på brygga

Board meetings, work meetings, seminars and teambuilding. The surroundings around you are important for a good gathering.

Kyststien på Kapelløya
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