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Good holiday memories

The Verftet is located at the protected outport Ny-Hellesund, in the middle of beautiful skerries in the Southern Norway  region just outside of Kristiansand. Here you will find a superabundance of possibilities for children and adults that will create lifelong summer memories.


The apartments at the Verftet are fully equipped and there is space for families both large and small. Some have access right on the pier while others have a patio facing the seating areas on the hill to the west.

Bade på Verftet

A stay at the Verftet offers many adventures for the whole family. When the children are having a good time, the adults do as well!


Was it you who asked about why you should take a trip to Ny-Hellesund? Yes, I should be able to answer that since I have been a guide here for over 50 years!

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